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Enjoyed that, nice concept.  Good job on the artwork, music/fx  and of course the falling pianos, fun to dodge.  I agree with Shibey about the shift key, but instead of removing or reversing it, maybe having a stamina bar that depletes and regenerates from use so that the player can't constantly hold shift down and be made to use it sparingly instead.  Even if left as is, it's still fun though

Thank you so much for the feedback, yes, I thought about the stamina bar, if I continue developing this game I'll add it. 
I hope you join today's jam as well!

Nice work! I got a highscore of 10030. I liked the artwork, and the music and sfx work well.

If there is one quick thing I would change, it's probably the shift key. I'd either remove it or reverse it. I basically held it the whole time, as walking didn't really seem that useful.

Great job. :)

Thank you so much for your feedback!
I know, the shift key is kinda a must so I might add like a little stamina bar or something like that.

Thanks for playing and I hope to see you enter today's jam as well because I quite enjoyed your submission too!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Sadly, my comedic story in the description wasn't entirely fabrication.... I'm incredibly busy with work right now and barely squeezed this one in. I'll definitely be back though! (I've got a dozen other WGJ entries on my main page though, if you're looking for more, hehe)

Why is this tagged 'roguelike'?

Whoops, misstagged!