Made for the '5 Minute hero' Weekly Game Jam.

Windows version available below.


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SADP (Space Asteroid Defense Protocol)


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Nice game.  The doubling on the intro text makes it a bit hard to read.  My biggest problem is that it's hard to not overshoot when trying to aim. I know I got hit by a lot of the smaller rocks because I couldn't point the gun at exactly the right angle.  Also, since there doesn't seem to be a reason to ever be not shooting, maybe just have it shoot automatically.  I like that the graphics are simple but easy to understand.


Yes, my mother also told me the text was hard to read.
It's true, there isn't a reason not to stop shooting except for the fire rate, but since it's a really small delay between shot it isn't a problem.
I used the commodore 64 palette because I thought it made things easy to see.

Thanks for the feedback!

Very good coding A+. It could use a HP bar for the player and basic sounds. I can help if you like. Well done

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Wow, can you actually see the code? If so, how? 
I'm planning on adding little sounds, but since I'm trying to learn stuff, I think I'm gonna do it alone if you don't mind. I'm not a quick programmer and some practice could really come in handy.

HA! yea right after so much practice I can see the code. I like your motivation. Do your best!